Welcome to DnA Computing!

DnA Computing is a information technology consulting company,
specializing in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The company has been providing high quality, reliable and expert service to our clients since 1992. All our customers are either in those areas or closely related fields. Since our business is focused, it enables the company do everything very well.
Core Services and Specializations
System & business process optimization
What We Do:
We are a full service, one-stop information technology consulting service provider. DnA Computing offers services tailored to our clients' business needs from PCs to Unix servers, from MS Access to Oracle databases,and from local to global network and firewall management.
Why Us:
We have been in business for more than a decade and earn a great repuation by delivering quality service within the biotech/pharma .
We offer great services and deliver products on time and within budget.
We have expertise and business know-how to create simple, yet powerful, solutions for you.
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